Mereco Introduces a New, Fast Setting Polyurethane

Mereco Technologies Group announces the introduction of MERECO METRETHANE™ 4755; a fast setting, two component, urethane potting, casting and molding compound. This flexible urethane elastomer gels in 10 minutes in potting applications with masses as low as 20 grams and is available in a packaging style providing the ideal solution for field repairs in connector and telecommunication applications. Used in the manufacture of cables, MERECO METRETHANE™ 4755 offers fast cure of molded devices; a 15 gram mass molded to anodized aluminum in a polypropylene mold was cured and handleable in 30 minutes.

Metrethane™ 4755 offers the following properties:

  • Available in 50cc, 200cc and 400cc 4:1 dual syringes for easy field repairs
  • Fast cure (gels in 10 minutes) and demold time
  • Available in Sudan Black and unpigmented versions
  • Shore A hardness 60
  • Low, flowable mixed viscosity @ 1,400 – 1600 centipoise

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