Mereco Introduces New Silver Conductive Adhesive

Mereco Technologies Group has introduced a new lower cost silver-based, electrically conductive adhesive.  Metaduct™ 1207 has been specifically designed for power electronic applications where cost reductions are necessary. 

Metaduct™ 1207 exhibits high electrical conductivity of 0.003 ohm-cm, good thixotropy to “stay in place”, a low coefficient of thermal expansion and a user-friendly working life of 1-2 hours at 25°C.  This product can be cured in 2 hours at 105°C and is available in pint, quart, or gallon kits.  Metaduct™ 1207 is also offered in pre-mixed and frozen syringes.

According to Philip M. Papoojian, President & COO, “Due to the fluctuating price of silver, Metaduct™ 1207 has been developed as a direct result of customer requests for a lower cost, electrically conductive adhesive that can replace current adhesive technology.”

Free samples are available upon request.

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