Mereco Introduces UL94V0 Compliant Potting Compound

Mereco Technologies Group has introduced a new UL94V0 compliant, flame retardant potting compound, Metacast™ 4594 FR Red is designed specifically for sensor and valve applications. 

According to Dr. John Tashiro, Vice President of Research & Development at Mereco, Metacast™ 4594 FR Red was developed for application in liquid level switch applications that require flame retardancy.  Other potential applications for this product include acceleration/vibration, acoustical/ultrasonic, electrical/magnetic, flow, force/load/torque strain, humidity/moisture, temperature and motion/velocity displacement. 

Metacast™ 4594 FR Red exhibits UL94V0 flame retardant compliance with a flowable mixed viscosity and a working life of 90 minutes.  The product cures in 24-48 hours at room temperature or for 2-4 hours at 150°F (65°C).

Free samples are available upon request.


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