Mereco Purchases Netzsch LFA 447 Nanoflash Thermal Conductivity Testing Instrument

Mereco (Metachems Resins Corporation) is pleased to announce that is has purchased a state-of-the-art Netzsch LFA 447 NanoFlash™ thermal conductivity testing instrument. The new LFA 447 NanoFlash™ light flash system makes thermal properties testing fast, easy and affordable.

This device will be used in the product development of Mereco's thermally conductive epoxy, urethane and silicone products, as well as the development of new thermally conductive technologies.

The NanoFlash™ is the result of NETZSCH and Holometrix Micromet's passion for engineering excellence and unmatched flash diffusivity application experience, resulting in an exceptionally powerful tool for measuring thermophysical properties.

Conforming to ASTM E1461, the Xenon flash lamp based NanoFlash™ uses optical coupling to heat and read the sample surfaces, eliminating potential interface thermal resistance, and making accurate measurement of thin samples, coatings on a substrate and materials in a thin film or sandwich possible. The NanoFlash™ can test samples both through and in the sample plane over a diffusivity range covering materials from neat and filled polymers to diamond.

The NanoFlash™ is fully automated: powerful Windows based software controls the test temperature, flash lamp firing, and data analysis. The available automatic sample changer allows the instrument to measure multiple samples in one test. Each data point normally takes less than five minutes from the time the furnace reaches the test temperature. The instrument independently sets the flash power level, pulse width and temperature for each sample.