Mereco Technologies Introduces a New Low VOC Single Component Polyurethane Coating

Mereco Technologies Group announces the introduction of Mereco Metrethane 4763, a low VOC, single component, repairable, flexible, rapid drying moisture resistant polyurethane circuit board coating.

Metrethane 4763 meets the low VOC requirements listed in the September 13, 1999, EPA Air Regulations. It may be used wherever a high performance coating is required for maximum environmental protection.

Metrethane 4763 exhibits the following properties:

  • Low VOC
  • Single component no special mixing or preparation
  • Fast drying, tack free 3 hours
  • High gloss "walk hard" coatings (floor coatings)
  • Excellent moisture resistance
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent electrical insulating properties
  • Repairable (after component exchange on P.C. boards)

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