Mereco Technologies Introduces Mereco 1670 Series- A New, Fast Curing, Flexible Epoxy

Mereco introduced a new, fast curing, flexible, highly damped epoxy for adhesive and potting applications. Mereco 1670 Series has been specifically designed for customer applications where a quick curing adhesive or potting material is required. Mereco 1670 Series provides excellent protection of electronic components, ranging from transducers, sensors, load cells, delicate magnetic coils, and bobbins to power supply applications where no inductance drop after potting or bonding is desired.

  • Cures in 10 minutes at room temperature (20 gram mix)
  • Good coefficient of thermal expansion, 60 – 100 ppm
  • Excellent bonding, tensile lap shear strength of 1,000 psi (Al to Al)
  • Protects components from internal stresses
  • Low cost alternative to silicone RTV

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