Mereco Technologies Introduces New One-Component, UV Curable Adhesive

Mereco Technologies Group announces the introduction of MRC 03-1186™, single component UV curable adhesive specifically designed for applications where strong plastic to plastic bonds are required. MRC 03-1186™ was specifically designed for bonding polycarbonate and polymethylmethacrylate together or to metal substrates. It exhibits excellent dimensional stability and low shrinkage.

MRC 03-1186 offers the following properties:

  • 75 - 85 Shore D durometer
  • Excellent bonds to plastics such as PC and PMMA
  • Single component system requires no mixing
  • Fast UV cure in 10 - 15 seconds at 35 mW/cm2
  • Good thermal cycle compatibility
  • No solvent - 100% active
  • Low shrinkage
  • Compatible with syringe or robotic dispensing systems

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