Mereco Technologies Purchases New TA Instruments AR 2000 Rheometer

Mereco Technologies Group Companies, and its operating units Metachem Resins Corporation (MERECO) and DMS, recently purchased a new TA Instruments AR 2000 Rheometer.
The AR 2000 Rheometer is based on breakthrough Combined Motor and Transducer (CMT) technology and is the world's most capable rheometer. Its innovative Mobius Drive with porous carbon air bearings offers unprecedented controlled stress and strain performance. Smart Swap™ allows quick interchange of temperature control options. This intelligent firmware senses the temperature system, automatically configures the software and loads all relevant calibration data. The AR 2000 is extremely versatile and appropriate for a wide variety of applications including fluids of any viscosity, polymer melts, solids, and reactive materials.

According to Philip M. Papoojian, President and COO, Mereco will use the AR 2000 Rheometer in new product research, prediction of end use properties, competitive comparisons and quality control. Typical rheological properties that will be measured are: minimum in viscosity profile, intersection of storage (G') and Loss (G" ) modulus, modulus profile with temperature or time (G', G" , vs. T or t), examining plateau modulus (G'), and for measuring the strain dependence of the materials (length of linear viscoelastic region).

Mereco Technologies Group Companies, founded in 1960, is a West Warwick, RI based specialty chemical manufacturer and formulator of polymer resins, epoxies, urethanes, silicones, electrically conductive, thermally conductive, and other advanced adhesives and coatings for electronics, aerospace, and industrial applications. For more information contact Mereco Technologies, 1-800-556-7164 or e-mail requests to