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About Mereco

Mereco Technologies Inc. is globally recognized as a highly specialized manufacturer of formulated epoxy, urethane, silicone, UV curable systems and materials for solar cell manufacturing, electronics, aerospace, defense, and other industries.

An ISO 9001 certified company, we continually work to provide high quality products and superior customer service.  Mereco is environmentally conscious, and is committed to providing our employees opportunites for professional advancement, operationally safe facilities and support involvement in our local community.  

Mereco Technologies Inc. is a highly specialized custom packager of resin systems.  We has been able to leverage its proprietary technologies in the area of frozen and dual syringe resin packaging, giving us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Mereco functions as an extension of our customer’s design and engineering team, working with you from material, property, and process concepts and designs, into full scale development and production to service your needs.  New technologies developed by Mereco scientists and engineers in the areas of novel flexible epoxy polymers, custom formulated silicone RTVís and urethanes, thermally and electrically conductive resins, solar cell manufacturing materials and new ultraviolet curable systems have spurred the company’s record growth.