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Screen Frame Bonding

Mereco screen frame bonding adhesives are tough, epoxy adhesives with a variety of cure times, viscosities, and properties. Applications include bonding aluminum and polyester screens to aluminum frames.

Two Component Adhesives

Product Designation Highlight Description Mix Ratio
B to A
Mixed Viscosity, CPS Working Time at
25°C, 100 Gram
Cure Schedules
2-4 J/cm energy
5-10 ft/min rate
Hardness Shore
A or D
Tensile Lap
Shear, PSI
Metrescreen 3210 Low Viscosity Adhesive 2:1 800 10 minutes 30 minutes at 70°C
16 hours at 25°C
80+/1D 1,100 Metrescreen 3210 Metrescreen 3210
Mereco 3212 Fiducial Marking Epoxy Resin 1:1 20,000 3 minutes 5 minutes at 25°C
85D 1,800 Mereco 3212 Mereco 3212
Metrescreen 3224 Low Viscosity, Fast Drying 100:28 800 30 minutes 2 hours at 65°C
24 hours at 25°C
80D 1,900 Metrescreen 3224 Metrescreen 3224
Meta-Terge 1492 Clean-Up Detergent for
Uncured Resins
One Part Liquid or Gel N/A N/A
N/A N/A Metaterge 1492 Metaterge 1492